UAE declares production of first satellite in Middle East by efforts of Arab scientists


Vice President of UAE & ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had announced launching of World Space Conference held in Abu Dhabi before declaring establishment of the first Arab group for space cooperation that involves 11 Arab countries.

15 leading figures from agencies of international space besides a number of researchers in addition to executives from leading aerospace companies has been attending the conference which runs until March 21to discuss important issues related to space sectors that will help in developing cadres qualified to lead Sector.

وكالةالإمارات للفضاء on Twitter

صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم، يشهد خلال #مؤتمر_الفضاء_العالمي تأسيس #المجموعة_العربية_للتعاون_الفضائي بمبادرة من دولة #الإمارات، وتعتبر أول مجموعة فضائية من نوعها تجمع تحت مظلتها 11 دولة عربية بهدف تعزيز مكانة المنطقة على الخارطة الفضائية العالمية

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum declared the establishment of Arab satellite cooperation which is considered the first of its kind in Middle East and is called “813” by efforts of Arab scientists in UAE.

Al Maktoum tweeted;

HH Sheikh Mohammed on Twitter

During the opening of the Global Space Congress in Abu Dhabi, we attended the launch of the first Arab space coordination group that includes 11 countries. The group’s first project will be a satellite built by Arab scientists in the UAE. I personally believe in Arab talents.

The design of satellite inspired from reign of Caliph al-Ma’mun represented in Golden Age of the House of Wisdom in Baghdad.

As Al-Maktoum referred in a tweet;

HH Sheikh Mohammed on Twitter

We called the new satellite “813” in reference to the date that marked the beginning of prosperity for the House of Wisdom in Baghdad under the reign of Al-Ma’mun. Resembling our region, the House embraced scientists, translated notable texts and produced scientific capabilities.

50 specialized sessions organized by the conference spread over three days to cover interests of the global space sector, including:

  • Development of advanced space programs
  • Formulation of partnerships, development of space policies and legislation
  • Strengthening the contribution of the space sector to the world economy
  • Protection of national infrastructure and new space projects of States
  • The sustainability of the space environment and the exploitation of space resources and mining

On the first day of the conference, General manager & vice president of commercial space at Lockheed Martin, announced building a spacecraft which is going to fly humans back to the moon.

NASA exploration vehicle is planned to be launched next year on a test flight which is not yet qualified by a human crew in order to orbit moon and return to Earth.

Global Space Congress: An Interview with Lisa Callahan

Lisa Callahan, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company – Civil Space speaks at the Global Space Congress about future developments in the space sector and the critical components of collaboration and cooperation

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