US President Donald Trump on Monday called on China, Japan and other countries to protect their ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

He said that :

“China gets 91% of its oil through Hormuz, and Japan gets 62% of its oil from the same corridor and most countries.

Trump wrote in a tweet on Twitter :

“Why does the US protect shipping corridors for other countries over the years against “Zero compensation“?

He also said :

“All these countries must protect their own vessels on a mission that has always been dangerous,” .

Trump added that the US of America does not need much of that region.

AS, It has become the largest producer of energy in the world !.

He concluded by saying that :

“what we ask of Iran is very simple: not to possess a nuclear weapon, nor to support terrorism!”

Qatar is violating open skies policy with America.

The well known evidences that :

• Qatar is supporting Iran

• terrorist groups in the US

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Can Qatar warm ties with both USA and Iran at the Same Time ?

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