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UN warns; its time to save Earth’s environment as the threat towards human health increases

On Wednesday, UN revealed a report warns from consequences of combining climate change with pollution, growing human population & mass extinctions saying;
"Damage to the planet is so dire that people’s health will be increasingly threatened unless urgent action is taken"
25% of all diseases & premature deaths globally - 9 million in 2015 - as a result of pollution & environmental damage caused by human. 7 million people are killed worldwide annually costing $5 trillion to society in addition to 1.4 million die because of polluting water resources. The report was written by 250 scientists from 70 countries that includes;
“unsustainable human activities globally have degraded the Earth’s ecosystems, endangering the ecological foundations of society”


Acting executive director of U.N, Joyce Msuya said;
“The science is clear. The health and prosperity of humanity is directly tied with the state of our environment"
Asian regions & cities, Africa & Middle East could witness millions of premature deaths by mid-century.
“This report is an outlook for humanity. We are at a crossroads. Do we continue on our current path, which will lead to a bleak future for humankind or do we pivot to a more sustainable development pathway? That is the choice our political leaders must make, now"
UN warns that climate change & biodiversity are top two environmental concerns as time runs out in preventing its dangerous impacts as global temperatures rises.
"A major species extinction event, compromising planetary integrity and Earth’s capacity to meet human needs, is unfolding"
Antimicrobial resistant bacteria in water supplies besides land degradation are also main concerns threaten agriculture & farming.
"The report is a dramatic warning and a high-level road map for what must be done to prevent widespread disruption and even irreversible destruction of planetary life-support systems. There is every reason to be hopeful"

Planet in Focus - Global Environment Outlook

The sixth Global Environment Outlook, or GEO-6, is the world's most comprehensive environmental report, covering a range of topics, issues and potential solutions. The GEO is no ordinary report, it's a thorough analysis of what will happen if we continue with business as usual and what actions needs to be taken to put our planet on the right course.