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The Best of the BET Awards 2018

We certainly didn't get to party with the celebrities who dazzled the show but chose to reminisce these amazing moments. Snoop Dogg swooped away with his performances beginning with his "Who Am I?" and his first few top chart releases in 1990s .   Image result for michael b jordan BET awards Michael B Jordan took the world by storm thanks to his performance in Black panther. His fans cheered him with the same amount of passion as he reenacted a few lines of his role in black panther on stage with Jamie Foxx on the side. Queen Nicki Minaj rapped and performed with stunning outfits and medley of her latest hits and brought her performance to an end with Image result for Best Actress Award Tiffany Haddish America's sweetheart Tiffany Hadish and Chadwick Boseman won the Best Actress and Best Actor respectively. Image result for bruno mars BET awardsOf course the heart throbbing and pop king of melodies continued to dominate the industry by winning the Best Male R&B/Pop Artist Award   Image result for anita baker bet awards She is the best thing yet - R&B legend Anita Baker received some "Sweet Love" as she was honored with a Lifetime achievement award. The Humanitarian Heroes include, James Shaw Jr. the man who disarmed Waffle House shooter