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Smog hides blue skies in Beijing during key political meeting choking Chinese capital

Beijing residents the usual compensation of blue skies during putting up with traffic restrictions & security checks for annual meeting of Chinese lawmakers. On Tuesday morning, Beijing was choking on smog as environment bureau of the city said due to an orange air pollution. The second-highest orange alert on the four-tier system of the city advises children to remain inside. Outdoor construction work halt, limited traffic restrictions are introduced during an orange alert to cut down on pollution added to poisonous air.


"'Political blue sky' comes with the price of retaliatory pollution after political events. We focus on local 'two sessions' because the meeting is a wider practice across the nation. The sample is larger and more representative"
Last Sunday, was the first day of the annual Political Consultative Conference of Chinese People currently held in Beijing  that advises on policy & laws normally in addition to numerous retired celebrities & officials. According to World Air Quality Index, on Tuesday morning, air quality index was over 270, that puts it in "very unhealthy" category of US Environmental Protection Agency that can effect the entire population.

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Good morning from Beijing's GHOP for the opening session of the NPC. AQI? Bad...