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Qatar Violates the world trad licenses

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK and Europe (Berlin's office) and the Gulf League for Rights and Freedoms announced the launch of Hashtag named after #QatarViolatesWorldTradFreedom and that would be on Friday, 1 Feb Following the decision of Qatar's Ministry of Economy to ban the sale of manufactured consumer goods in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Hashtag campaign is in addition to the decision of the Ministry of Public Health to prevent pharmacies from selling medicines and other manufactured products in the four countries. Qatar has also erased the names of UAE companies from the list of approved vendors for infrastructure projects and has maintained an undeclared ban on products coming from the UAE. The organization mentioned out that the campaign is aimed at countering the rights of the media against the many violations of Qatar. Instead of respecting the WTO, unilateral measures have been imposed in violation of the organization's rules. There has been no logical justification for unilateral action. Political activity has nothing to do with the work of organizations.