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Highest-Level Talks to End Afghan War between US & Taliban

On Monday, The highest-level negotiations began in Qatar’s capital  between American diplomats and the Taliban with presence of the Afghan insurgents’ deputy leader to End the long Afghan War. The latest round of talks that takes place in Doha will focus on determining a framework agreement in principle both sides Western and Taliban officials reached last month. US agreed to pull its troops out of Afghanistan if Taliban promised to keep Afghan territory from being a homeland for terrorists threatening to attack US & its allies. Any withdrawal deal must include Taliban’s agreeing to a cease-fire besides joining negotiations with the Afghan government according to the talks held last month. Taliban negotiators asked for time to return to their leadership in order to to discuss a cease-fire or negotiations with Afghans.

The presence of Taliban’s deputy chief & head of the political commission, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, could bring Taliban's decision-making authority that was lacking.

Mullah Baradar sat across from veteran diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad, who leads American delegation. It was Mullah Baradar’s first appearance after a decade of Pakistani detention since his recent release. American officials tried to encourage Taliban to advance peace process In first session of talks held on Monday. The commander of US & NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin S. Miller, presented at the talks moving into details of Afghan territory that will not be used by Al Qaeda in addition to withdrawal of American and NATO troops.

U.S. Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad on Twitter

Arrived in #Doha to meet with a more authoritative Taliban delegation. This could be a significant moment. Appreciate #Qatar for hosting & #Pakistan in facilitating travel. Now the work begins in earnest.
"Skeptics have rushed to judgment based on just the first part of a much larger effort, as though we have a completed agreement. But you can’t eat an elephant in one bite! And a 40-year-old war won’t be resolved in one meeting, even if that meeting runs for close to a week", American negotiator Mr. Khalilzad, said after round of talks last month in Doha.