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Why ecommerce market is on the rise ?

There’s always an app for everything because competition has driven innovation to create apps instead of just using the router to access the vast universe of information now we can shop from anywhere across the globe, workout and even arrange a sleeping and pooping schedule This ease in developing apps has shifted the importance from sharing the .com to a personalised app where the user can shop and receive any product under less than 24 hours. This boom in app creation and search engines has enabled millions of people mint billions from providing a service that enables their user to shop from anywhere and at any time. Many popular retail giants have created an extension of their business by creating their own e commerce apps thus increasing their customer base. But there are companies such as,, and who started their business by setting up an ecommerce websites as well and apps, subsequently being the most valued businesses in the world and having an expanding international customers base. E commerce is on the rise firstly because of ‘product/service accessibility ‘. All products whether it be food or industrial parts have become more accessible and cheaper because of the not incurring retail expenses and flexible as well dynamic logistics services. Besides that e-commerce operations are over 24 hours meaning customers can place Before you had to go to the local store pick out the product you require and then order a truck or pay extra to the store for delivery but due to competition and prevalence of this growing need to cater to businesses in any part of the world it has become increasingly important to even reduce shipping time, thus meaning that the company must be ready to deliver out side the country thus having partnership with governments and custom authorities overseas and customising their processes hence most e commerce companies are global more than local. What this means for businesses ... More and more organisations are conquering the digital landscape not only because google said so but because it is easier to integrate across a wide array of platforms. Setup costs are minimal as the majority of the tasks are over virtual servers and logistics efforts can be leased out to third parties. Amazon and Ebay have put so much efforts in simplifying the method of setting up an account and handling deliveries and returns for B to B and B to C cliental.