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Understanding current world problems

The news is filled with good deeds but the media keeps us abreast about how humanity’s actions have the led world this state and how doomsday is nearing on us... The current issues being : Plastic pollution Plastic is the most common resource that has made its way to every field including but not limited to Pharmaceuticals, Cooking, Fashion, beauty and the excess has flooded into the ecosystem. Plastic is a derivative of Fossil fuels, hence devouring the gas tank is not the only way fossil fuels are exhausted. Since it is easier than storing in metal, cardboard or other resources. Plastic is easy to find but once converted into the forms we are using they take 100 to 1000 years to decompose.   Animals extinction Animals aren’t just for making adorable animated movies they contribute to a large part of the ecosystem and are an important part of the food chain. Trophy hunting and pollution have become the main reasons many organizations had to team to take drastic measures to rescue and rehabilitate various species into sanctuaries. There have been several success stories in saving a species from the brink of extinction some of them are Arabian Oryx, Southern White Rhinoceros, Black Rhinoceros, Mountain Gorilla but sea animals such as Whales, killer orcas and fish are dying due to chemical waste, fishing as well as pollution cause of plastics and other products. Whales recently washed up on the shores of Germany and Thailand swallowed up to 80 plastic bags killing it in over a few days time. Ocean is really large and sometimes unnavigable surface and hence becomes harder to clean out the mess that is discarded into it. Researchers must not only find ways to clean up the ocean as a priority they must also find a way to convert plastic into a reusable substance to avoid in oceanfills.   Refugees and religious discrimination The governments of many countries such as Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Somalia are unstable and constant turmoil has led to poverty, malnourished children, sexual harassment, prostitution and the most disturbing crisis of all the citizens of the country fleeing to stranger territories. It isn’t easy to have once owned a life, work, a house and then live in temporary tents, harsh weathers and fighting for food. It’s a crisis that needs tending to but Human rights agencies are feeling helpless as many militias, Unions and governments are restricting access to aid and rejecting help from overseas. When 9/11 occurred it wasn’t terrorists who took down the World Trade Center of USA it was categorised as Muslim terrorists and there after spreading hate and belief that Muslims are terrorists this brutal message was even advocated by President Donald Trump in his campaign and said that Travel ban is originally a plan to keep Muslims out of the country. To cover up that story as the world raised against him he included non Muslim countries to the travel ban. The Supreme Court on June 28th upheld this ban but included seven Muslim majority countries that are currently in crisis. Instead of building walls refugees should be welcomed as it is very hard to be far away from home and have no home to wake upto.   Unemployment - Technology has helped humanity advance to progress in increasing life expectancy, curing dangerous diseases and make simple tasks even easier. But thanks to smart devices as well as the coming of Artificial intelligence many jobs in wide array of sectors are at risk as technology a.k.a machines can run a lot longer and with a lot less complications. Many unskilled workers and basic labour force are being used temporarily thus providing no job security, regular wages or health benefits to those working mostly  in the manufacturing sector or hospitality and service sector.