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Backstreet’s Back Alright! New Album, 2019 Tour And More

The Backstreet Boys have got it going on with some major news, they released their first new single in five years called "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and it looks like things haven't changed too much over the years. The famous boy band now transformed into man- band have got fans going crazy and crooning about not just their latest single but also their top charting songs they released in 1997. Their famous hits such as I Want It That Way and As Long As You Love Me have started have started making their way back on to radio playlists. The boy band also announced that they will be releasing a new album and will be going on tour in 2019. The title of the new album is 'DNA'. CNN reports that Backstreet Boys' DNA tour begins May 2019 in Portugal, and is said to end in September in New Jersey, USA. In addition to the album and tour news, they also dropped a new single and the official music video for 'Chances', which has already racked up over eight-million views on YouTube. The Backstreet Boys from 1997 to 2002  were reportedly the world’s most popular pop band, putting even Justin Timberlake’s *NSYNC to shame and obliterating the records set by New Kids on the Block a decade before. Their fame was short lived as the band broke up but besides that  their fans were growing out of their interest in seeing the band perform rudimentary choreography to chugging ballads, the band’s manager, Lou Pearlman, who singlehandedly collect the tens of millions of dollars earned by the group – while each BSB member walked away with a mere $300,000. But despite all that most of the band got back together and are breaking hearts everywhere Featured Image : Billboard