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Adults pull off Halloween costumes quite well, but these kids are way better…

Kids are cute and crazy for Halloween candy but these kids stayed in character and spooked many people.... In Southbay Village, Philippines, a child named of Maya went trick-or-treating this weekend as a headless girl in a flower dress. She walked around carrying her "decapitated" head on a plate. Her other daughter slayed as a butcher Well she isn't as scary looking as Annabelle but she is quite expressive   The grumpy skull   Vampire and his assistant   5. She's more terrified of her makeup then we are   6. The zombie skeleton   7. Does this skeleton resemble any scientist ?   8. The young and dashing Jack Skellington   9.  Is she planning to cast a spell ?   10. She cast a spell on them by being a witch and won their hearts... she is our spirit animal !!   11. Dressed up as a red-riding-sugar-skull  or a clown-sugar-skull?   12. The pretty-scariest death bride !!